PSP camera test

Another video of The PSP camera in action..

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  1. Xevous sagt:

    Depends, if you use the Editing software, you can record for 15 seconds
    (check my channel for edited videos) and if you use the Camera function on
    PSP’s FW 3.0 or higher, you can record as much as your memory stick can
    hold; Depending on the quality you want it to record at 🙂

  2. sogmund sagt:

    it seems like it zzz

  3. usama3318 sagt:

    @Xevous is it go cam>?

  4. spencercannon13 sagt:

    i was at that place a couple times in my life

  5. PsPFaN4EvEr7 sagt:

    die kamera kann man über all in deutschland kaufen für 30- 50 euro nahe
    gegenstände sind kein problem aber weite und helle gegenstände nimmt die
    kamera nicht scharf für welche die sich keine digicams und immer eine
    möglichkeit zum filmen brauchen sollten sich die kamera kaufen

  6. Upcoming Chris sagt:

    i dont think so

  7. Xevous sagt:

    The PSP Camera is a small camera attachment that is only available in
    japan… The PSP Camera is available for Import at Play-Asia . com and
    costs 50 dollars.. The camera comes with editing software, although it is
    in japanese.

  8. FaraiLT Lithuania sagt:

    i though to buy PSP CAM but now i dont want it :/ it seems only 1,3mega
    pixel and it sucks, didn’t like it at all 🙁 i though there will be better
    video quality 🙁

  9. Tavi Daniel sagt:

    The PSP Cam is already in IT Markets in Romania

  10. stewy098 sagt:

    if i have a 1 gig memory stick how many seconds of video can i record

  11. Flex sagt:

    you dont have one

  12. Xevous sagt:

    eh? Scary…. do you stalk me or something?!

  13. delz95 sagt:

    dude wat happend to your house snow party

  14. jose001002 sagt:

    nice picture quality

  15. PSP3000PLAYER sagt:

    Dang, did you have the WWE in the back of your hard?? Looks like someone
    did a finish move with the chairs.

  16. svoges103 sagt:

    how long can it record for?

  17. watchmystuffplease sagt:

    30 minutes on fine quality

  18. EisenbergFlavour sagt:

    arr i can’t find my psp camera

  19. baljinder singh sagt:

    @fittycent15 go to shop and ask for psp camera

  20. comedymaker1 sagt:

    @FaraiLT well dude its a micro camera, dont expect much from a camera like

  21. MrCarcity1 sagt:

    how many mins/hours can 4 gb rec

  22. Brad in Hi Def sagt:

    1 gig can usually record pretty long about 30 minutes idk but somewhere
    around that

  23. Xevous sagt:

    I have a few Videos on my channel, of the effects that the Chotto-shot
    camera can produce :-).. The camera in my opinion was Definitely worth the

  24. fittycent15 sagt:

    i dont get psp camera? ??….what is it ??…someone anmswer back!!:)

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